Cherry Picker

Whether you need to repair fascia, clear guttering, trim high tree branches, clean windows or fix roofs, cherry pickers are the best alternative to scaffolding, providing an efficient way to access those hard-to-reach areas at altitude. With the festive season approaching, some home owners will even consider cherry picker hire to decorate their house or surrounding trees with Christmas lights.

Cherry pickers are ideal for aerial shots for film and TV, as well as being used by the fire services! With such a broad variety of uses in a huge variety of businesses, the cherry picker is not only the builder and electrician’s friend.

Overload sensor.
Lifting facilities.
On-board LCD colour diagnostic screen system.
Rough terrain special tyres.

Outstanding horizontal reach.
High ground clearance.
High drive speed.
Proportional intuitive drive and lift controls.
Designed and manufactured for heavy-duty use.